Murugi Munyi: Why I Quit Ksh 350,000 per Month Corporate Job to Make Millions in Content Creation

Murugi Munyi, widely recognized as Yummy Mummy in the realm of content creation, recently divulged her inspiring journey of relinquishing the security and routine of a corporate job in favor of embracing the dynamic and unpredictable world of content creation.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Munyi shed light on the details of her career transition and the remarkable success she has attained in her newfound venture.

At the time of her departure from the corporate sector, Munyi was enjoying a substantial net salary exceeding Sh 350,000. Despite the financial stability her corporate job provided, she boldly affirmed her unwavering commitment to content creation, citing the unparalleled freedom it affords as one of its most enticing features.

In Munyi’s perspective, content creation goes beyond being a mere financial opportunity; it serves as a platform offering flexibility, especially for individuals with parental responsibilities. The ability to be present for her children and actively engage in their lives became a non-negotiable priority for her—an aspect she found challenging within the structured confines of a corporate position.

“I don’t think I can ever agree to be employed again. Because you have freedom of time, space, and decision-making. My kids can see me anytime they need me. I attend all their meetings, and to me, that is so important and there is no way I can imagine,” Munyi explained.

Acknowledging that some individuals thrive in an employment structure, Munyi emphasized the unpredictable nature of content creation earnings compared to the stability of a job. Despite the uncertainty, she confidently asserted her mastery of the art of making money online, even on days when she wakes up tired.

“On the days I wake up tired, I am lying in my bed and I am making money. Posting pictures and videos on my social media is money for me,” she stated.

Munyi disclosed significant financial milestones, recounting a time when she earned Sh1 million from a single campaign, encompassing a billboard, content on her page, and image rights. She underscored the substantial increase in her earnings compared to her corporate job, expressing contentment with her decision to depart from the corporate world.

Before gaining digital fame, Munyi shared insights into her diverse work experiences, including odd jobs such as babysitting in South Africa, working as a receptionist at an Airbnb, tutoring children, and delving into the thrifting business by designing and selling clothes with an Ankara twist.