Sad as 3-Year-Old Child Dies Inside Home Swimming Pool as Parents Busily Smoke Marijuana Inside Their House

A tragic event unfolded in the state of Florida when a 3-year-old child lost his life in a home swimming pool, resulting in the arrest of his parents. The incident has shocked the community, as it appears that the child’s parents were preoccupied with smoking marijuana inside their residence.

According to the New York Police (NYP), the child, who was diagnosed with autism, wandered to the swimming pool and tragically drowned while his parents were reportedly neglecting their responsibilities due to marijuana use. Alarmingly, this was not the first time the child had left the safety of the house unattended.

Law enforcement officials have identified the parents as Barbara Ruiz and Lester Ortiz. When officers responded to Ortiz’s report that his child had gone missing, they noted that both parents exhibited bloodshot eyes and the unmistakable scent of recently smoked marijuana. As a result, they have been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

During their search for the missing child, the police encountered a strong odor of marijuana throughout the entire residence. Tragically, young Ethan Ortiz Ruiz, aged 3, was discovered lifeless in the swimming pool located directly behind their home, approximately 20 minutes after the search began. He was rushed to Lake Monroe Hospital in Sanford, where he was sadly pronounced deceased.

Law enforcement investigations have revealed that Ethan had left the house unnoticed on at least three previous occasions. On two occasions, observant neighbors found him wandering around the apartment complex and brought him to the front office, unaccompanied. In a separate incident in March, a staff member from the building management contacted the police after spotting Ethan outside alone once again.

Mr. Ortiz informed the officers that he had unintentionally fallen asleep without realizing that his child had left the house. During their visit to the apartment, the police noticed that the child had the capability to unlock the front door by himself, despite the additional security measures put in place to prevent such occurrences.

Furthermore, Ortiz and Ruiz disclosed to the police that they possessed government-issued medical cards for marijuana use and admitted to consuming marijuana on a regular basis. This heartbreaking incident underscores the importance of vigilance and responsible parenting, especially when young children are involved.