Reason why Men go Silent on Women even when Women feel that they have not made any mistake

There are reasons why a man will suddenly go silent on a woman. If your man went silent and you are wondering why, below are the reasons:

They keep on asking for money. They won’t let you know, but the more you ask for cash, the more they lose interest in you.

They’ll go silent when you tell them that you are pregnant, especially when you fake it.  They are not stupid, they know when something is real and when it’s meant for a financial gain.  Avoid faking pregnancy, it keeps most of them off.

Men keep off when you nag a lot. Yani, there’s no day you’ll be positive about something, kwa nini, mbona,  sema  haraka,  blablabla.  The ones who love you will try to stay, but their feelings will be fading away day by day.

They go silent when you are demanding much but offering nothing in return. That’s why nowadays they first ask what you do. When they realize that you do nothing, most of them will run away. Nibuyie, ninunulie, nkopeshe…

They go silent when they feel disrespected. As beautiful as you, as curvy as you are, when you disrespect them, viewing them as idiots, they will just run away.

They also go silent when you become too bossy.  You demand for everything, and failure to that, they are a failure.  They won’t tell you, but deep inside, they are looking for their way out.

Men tend to go silent on you when they realize that ‘your eyes are many. ‘  You are  with him but still texting other men. They’ll tolerate it, then speed off after some time.

These things happen. Research was from my facebook page when I asked them about this sometimes back.