Tears 😭 To Rue Baby as MCA Tricky gets a Mzungu girlfriend

Kenyan comedian MCA Tricky recently sparked a mixed response from Kenyans on social media with his hint at entering a relationship with a woman of European descent.

In a captivating photo, the former Churchill Show comedian can be seen holding a lovely Mzungu lady gently by the waist. Currently residing in the United States of America, MCA Tricky sought the approval of his fans through a lighthearted comment, “What do you think, folks, before I get the stamp? 😂😂😂😂😂”

In response to his post, a significant portion of his followers gave him their blessing and complimented the lady’s beauty. However, some expressed concern about the fate of singer Akothee’s daughter, Rue Baby.

Dating rumors between MCA Tricky and Rue Baby surfaced some time ago when their interactions on social media began to exude closeness. Their social media platforms have been adorned with enchanting pictures, leaving fans speculating about a potential romantic relationship.

Although MCA Tricky has not publicly declared the nature of his connection with Rue Baby, many wondered how she would handle the news.

@Mwangi Dan: Rue Baby typing and deleting……………..

@Funny Memes: Someone will rue baby and run away 😂😂😂 This has reached UEFA finals level 😅

@Kimugor Abraham: Did you use a Mother-in-Law connection to get a Mzungu? That’s really tricky! 🤣

@Anthony Kiprui: Can someone help me tag Rue 😂😂 I thought you finished building your house; someone must live inside 🤔 Bring her when she’s four years old, so we don’t see you at the market.

@Garry Allan: Rue Baby, I see you! 😁