Ringtone explains why he went to Dem Wa Facebook’s House

In a press interview, the gospel singer revealed that he chose to visit Dem Wa Facebook because she expressed genuine interest in him, something he had never experienced before.

“Dem Wa Facebook told me, ‘Chairman, I will stay with you. She completely expressed her love for me, telling me she loves me wholeheartedly!’” Ringtone shared excitedly.

This revelation came after Ringtone Apoko was seen inside Dem Wa Facebook’s house. The lady later explained to Obinna that Ringtone ended up in her house due to heavy flooding outside.

Why Ringtone Prefers Dem Wa Facebook

The ‘Sisi ndio Tuko‘ hitmaker stated that in his quest to find a good partner, he considers Dem Wa Facebook an ideal match because of her hard work, determination, and resilience.

“If you want to marry… I reached a point where I saw someone who seemed like good wife material. I like girls who are hardworking and not lazy in what they do. The reason I like Dem Wa Facebook is that she is very dedicated and industrious,” Ringtone explained.

Ringtone also mentioned that he believes he is a perfect match for Dem Wa Facebook because, like her, he has no children, unlike Obinna. However, he noted that he might only consider a relationship with her if she changes her ways to align with godly values.

“The day she gets saved, I might consider it because right now she has a lot of sins,” Apoko added.