Eve Mungai: I cannot get employed, that’s not my calling – “Mimi Nitakufa!”

Content creator Mungai Eve has expressed a firm belief that traditional employment is not her destined path, claiming she would rather face the prospect of death than compromise her identity as a journalist. Speaking candidly on NTV’s Weekend Edition with Dr. Kingori, the 21-year-old emphasized that she perceives employment as a threat to her journalistic value and an impediment to achieving her multitude of goals.

Confident in her self-worth, Mungai asserted, “First of all, I know my worth. Secondly, I have so many goals that, honestly, I might not accomplish any of them before I meet my end. Employment is simply not my calling,” during her conversation with Dr. Kingori.

Interestingly, the sensational YouTuber admitted that her childhood aspirations once included securing employment. Reflecting on her past, she shared, “Growing up, I thought I would complete high school, proceed to university, excel, find a job at NTV, and become a news anchor.”

However, Mungai’s envisioned career trajectory took an unexpected turn due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading her to abandon college. In previous interviews, she openly acknowledged that financial constraints forced her to withdraw from her studies, as her father could no longer afford to cover her tuition fees.

Despite this detour, Mungai found success in the realm of content creation, amassing a substantial following on various social media platforms. Boasting over 450,000 YouTube subscribers and 335,000 Instagram followers, she has become a source of inspiration for many young people, showcasing a lavish lifestyle that resonates with her audience.

In a recent interview, Mungai revealed that her YouTube channel was the brainchild of her boyfriend. Expressing gratitude on her Instagram page, she acknowledged him as her greatest blessing and thanked him for being her unwavering supporter. The first monetary reward from the video platform amounted to Sh100,000, but Mungai noted that accessing the funds took time due to security protocols. Emphasizing the fluctuating nature of YouTube revenue, she explained, “The more views you get, the higher the revenue, but what I earn this month may not be the same next month.”