Triomio’s Mother: Niko Single Na Kijana Wangu Trio Dosen’t Like My Boyfriend.

Sofia Irma Sakwa, the mother and personal manager of musician Triomio, recently caused a stir online by participating in a single mom TikTok challenge where she candidly exposed some of the challenges she faces.

As a mother of two sons, both pursuing careers in music, Sofia plays a crucial role in managing their careers. Triomio’s brother specializes in trap music and has significantly contributed to Triomio’s success, as acknowledged by Triomio himself in interviews.

However, Sofia’s journey as a single mother hasn’t been without its hurdles, although she has managed to overcome many of them. Despite her resilience, she still faces certain ongoing challenges.

One such challenge she shared is her frustration when she sees her sons bearing a striking resemblance to their father. This serves as a constant reminder of the difficulties she has faced raising her children alone.

Another issue she disclosed is the strained relationship between her children and her boyfriend. This presents a delicate situation for Sofia as she navigates her role as a single mother while also seeking companionship.

During an interview on Iko Nini, Triomio briefly mentioned his father, revealing that he is of Congolese descent but providing no further details about him or their relationship. Raised primarily by his mother, Triomio has expressed gratitude by purchasing land for her and is currently constructing a mansion for her.

Sofia’s openness about her experiences sheds light on the complexities of single parenthood and the challenges she continues to face while supporting her sons’ musical endeavors.