Edday Nderitu: I Left Samidoh To Whoever Needed Him More

In a recent interview with Ala C, Karen Nyamu, one of Samidoh’s partners, made some statements about Samidoh’s first wife, Edday Nderitu. In response, Edday Nderitu took to Facebook to clarify and set the record straight on several matters.

Firstly, Nderitu refuted the claims that she was part of a polygamous marriage. She stated that she had left the relationship with the Mugithi singer for her colleague. She made it clear that she is not currently in any polygamous marriage, and she left Samidoh for someone else.

Nderitu explained that her decision to end the relationship was due to toxicity, which was affecting her and her teenage daughter. The situation had become unbearable, and she chose to remove herself and her children from it. She emphasized that she has been providing for her kids’ needs without any financial support from Samidoh.

Addressing the matter of being in contact with Samidoh, Nderitu claimed that she was not aware of any video calls between him and her children. She stated that she has no knowledge of such interactions.

In her new life, Nderitu expressed a desire to steer clear of drama and hoped that her name would not be dragged into any controversies in the future.

During the interview, Karen Nyamu had asserted that Nderitu remained in contact with Samidoh despite relocating to the US. According to Nyamu, Samidoh was engaging in video calls with Nderitu’s children while she was present.

Nyamu clarified that her main intention was to ensure that her children were recognized and acknowledged, and she harbored no malicious intentions toward Samidoh’s other family. While she acknowledged her role as Samidoh’s partner and mother to his child, she preferred a more private approach.

In conclusion, Edday Nderitu came forward to clarify misunderstandings and set the record straight regarding her relationship with Samidoh. She stressed that she has moved on with her life and hopes for a peaceful and drama-free future.