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RIP: Kenyan 1st Doctor To Go Public About HIV Status Succumbs After Living With Virus For Over 30 Yr

The country is grieving the demise of Joe Muriuki who has done a lot for kenyans in the field of medicine.

Joe will be recognized as the very first kenyan doctor to publicly come out about his positive HIV status. He lived with the virus for 30yrs.

At the hour of his declaration, not much was been aware of the virus with patients going through untold sufferings through open stigmatization and discrimination. This anyway didn’t keep the fearless doctor from coming out.

His aim was to teach the public that the virus was not only targeting the poor and uneducated but everyone the rich and educated. To live healthy with the virus, one has to adhere to a strict special diet coupled with intake of ARV pills.

To keep yourself from getting the lethal virus, one necessities to play it safe use of condoms.We take this opportunity to send a message of condolences to the family of the deceased doctor.