Krg The Don:  Mimi niko Handsome kuliko Octopizzo,Nimemshinda Hela, Uchawi na Umaarufu.

Kenyan dancehall sensation Krg the Don has sparked a fresh feud with renowned rapper Octopizzo, plunging the music scene into controversy once again. The catalyst for this clash was Krg The Don’s latest track, “Sijawai,” mysteriously amassing a million views.

In an exclusive interview with 2Mbili TV, Krg wasted no time in asserting that Octopizzo’s relevance in Kenya’s music scene is a thing of the past. According to him, Octopizzo’s career has long since fizzled out, with his music fading into obscurity. He boldly accused Octopizzo of resorting to buying YouTube views, insinuating that genuine support for the rapper is non-existent, thus prompting him to resort to artificial means to inflate his popularity.

Unfazed by Octopizzo’s stature, Krg The Don dismissed him as inconsequential, boasting of his own wealth and physical attractiveness in comparison. Furthermore, he asserted his claim as the most recognizable musician in Kenya, boasting of widespread fame across the nation.

Determined to usher veteran artists like Octopizzo into retirement gracefully, Krg declared that Octopizzo’s relevance in the contemporary music landscape is nonexistent, deeming his recent releases as subpar and unworthy of attention.