Babu Owino Risks Jail Term Over The Shooting Of DJ Evolve

Following months of speculation and debate surrounding the shooting of DJ Evolve at B-Club in Kilimani in 2020, Babu Owino has been ruled by the court to answer for the charges against him. Despite concerns that his political influence could impact the case, Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi determined that there was sufficient evidence for the MP to defend himself in court.

The prosecution had provided a strong case against Babu Owino, who is accused of breaching the peace by wielding a firearm and firing a single bullet with the intent of harming DJ Evolve, also known as Felix Orinda, on January 17, 2020. The MP is said to have contravened Sections 33 and 31 (1) of the Firearms Act, which carries a maximum sentence of one year imprisonment, a fine not exceeding Ksh 10,000, or both for those found guilty.

Despite being out on bail, Babu Owino is scheduled to attend a defense hearing on June 15, 2023. In an effort to reach an out-of-court settlement with the DJ, Babu Owino agreed to purchase an apartment in the name of DJ Evolve and his parents, as well as a custom-made car suitable for someone with a disability. This resulted in the first charge of attempted murder being dropped. As part of the agreement, the MP committed to covering the medical expenses and other costs incurred by the victim. Babu Owino had already paid a medical bill totaling Ksh 9.8 million to Nairobi Hospital by the time of his acquittal in December 2021, and agreed to pay an additional Ksh 6.9 million in outstanding medical bills and expenses for nursing care.