Pastor Elizabeth Had Visited Mirugi Dishon to Mend Their Relationship - details -

Pastor Elizabeth Had Visited Mirugi Dishon to Mend Their Relationship – details

New information has come to light regarding the relationship between Pastor Elizabeth Githingi, who is based in Nakuru, and Kikuyu gospel musician Mirugi Dishon. According to neighbors, friends, and members of Mr. Mirugi’s Flying Eagle International Ministry, the couple had been seen together several times and appeared to be fine until Wanjiru’s shocking death. The two met in August of last year and fell in love.

A detective who spoke to Nation Media stated that Pastor Elizabeth Wanjiru traveled from Nakuru to Nairobi to try and resolve some issues with Mr. Mirugi.

“Although they had not known each other for very long, they had some issues. It was because of this that the woman left Nakuru for Nairobi to talk to Mr. Mirugi in the hopes of reconciling.”

A possible love triangle has been suggested, as the musician has also been linked to a senior manager of a real estate company.

On the day of the tragedy, Mirugi Dishon left Pastor Elizabeth in his house and went to Thika Road to run some errands. According to a police statement, he attempted to contact her, but she did not respond. He rushed back to his home in Maziwa sub-location and discovered her hanging from a bedsheet tied to the frame of his wardrobe.

A police source noted that the fact that Dishon referred to Pastor Elizabeth as his ex-girlfriend raises questions about why he welcomed her to his home and even left her there.

After the incident, the singer reportedly rushed the deceased pastor to Jacaranda Maternity Hospital, where she was declared dead upon arrival. Doctors refused to take the body and advised him to report the incident to the police.

Dishon is said to have driven around with the body of the deceased pastor for several hours before taking her to KU Hospital mortuary later in the evening.