Lady Shares Video as She Discovers after 3 Months that Her Housegirl Is Actually a Man

Imagine employing a female to work for you as a househelp only to discover that the person is not all ‘she’ seems, this is the case of a Nigerian female boss.

The unidentified woman discovers that quite contrary to what she was made to believe, her househelp is actually a man and not a lady.

@ourtalkroom who shared a clip of the disgraced househelp, reported that the woman made the discovery three months into the job.

In the clip, the houseboy could be seen seated on the floor with only a bra and a lady’s jeans trousers. He had a wig on his head too.

One can only wonder how the houseboy stayed for three months without his cover being blown and what mistake he made that eventually gave him away.