Richest musicians in East Africa 2023

Most people in the past never considered music as a well-paying profession. However, many stars are now taking music as their full-time jobs. These music stars are releasing entertaining hit songs as the number of upcoming artists is increasing each day. Have you been wondering about the richest musicians in East Africa?

Talented people in the music industry are now pocketing a good amount of money the same as those working in the other sectors. Surprisingly, some are even earning more outdoing most people with white collar jobs.

Top 5 richest musicians in East Africa

Music is one of the sectors that are paying well. Discover the top paid musicians in East Africa now.

1. Jose chameleon

Also known as Joseph Mayanga, Jose chameleon is a Ugandan reggae musician who has released several hit songs in Luganda, English, and Swahili languages. He is the richest musician in Uganda, as well as in East Africa. Chameleon has been in the music industry for over two decades now, and he still dominates in East Africa’s music industry. His hit songs such as Nekolera Maali, Shida za Dunia and Basiimi Ogenze significantly contributed to his fame both locally and internationally.

Richest musicians in East Africa

Chameleon’s international shows in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Belgium, Malaysia, and South Africa have earned him millions. He has several assets that have left many eyebrows raised, including two expensive palatial mansions at Seguku hill off Entebbe and the other at Muyenga costing 43 million and 44 million, respectively.

Chameleon also owns a home in the USA, Arizona, and Rwanda. Besides, he has endorsement deals with great companies such as Coca cola’s coke studio, MTN Uganda, Busoga tourism ambassador, Android phones, Pepsi, Uganda cranes ambassador, and StarTimes Uganda that have earned him a lot.

Besides owning Coco beach near Victoria, he also owns Leonel island music label, Daniella Villas apartments, and some rentals along Entebbe road. He owns several expensive cars, such as Bently Continental GTC convertible, Hummer, Cadillac Escalade SUV, Land Cruiser VX, Land Rover LR4, Range Rovers, Ford, BMW convertible, 2017 Dodge Charger, 1973 Mercedes classic, and Mercedes Benz ml270.

2. Diamond Platinumz

Diamond, also known as Naseeb Abdul Juma, was born on 2nd October 1989 in Tandale, Dar Es Sallam. He is the richest musician in Tanzania who has inspired many artists. Diamond started his music over a decade ago and has released many single and collabo hit songs that have ranked him at the top both locally and internationally. Many people are now referring to Diamond as the biggest musician in East Africa because of winning several awards.

Diamond Platinumz

He earns money from shows, endorsements, mobile phone ringtones, and his assets. His wealth mainly comes from endorsement deals with major companies such as Vodacom mobile communication company, Coca-cola, DSTV, Uber, Danube Home Franchise, Iconic French wine brand Luc Belaire and Red Gold. He also owns a record label, WCB, where high profile artists like Harmonize, Rayvanny, Queen Darlin, Mbosso, and Lava Lava record. His Chibu perfume brand has also taken Tanzania’s fashion industry.

Moreover, he does several ambassadorial deals all over the continent that pay him well. He owns two expensive palatial mansions, one in Tanzania worth 70 million and another in South Africa. His costly cars, such as Royce Royce Phathom, Audi Q8, Hummer, Toyota Land Cruiser, BMW X6, and Mercedes Benzes, clearly show his richness.

3. Jaguar

Jaguar, also known as Charles Njagua Kanyi, is the richest musician in Kenya. He is also a politician and entrepreneur. Jaguar started his music in 2004 and released his first song, ‘Utaweza Kweli,’ under the Mandugu Digitali record label. He then joined Ogopa Deejays in 2005, where he released several hits including, ‘Kigeugeu’ that earned him fame and many awards. Later in 2013, he shifted to Main Switch Studios.

Jaguar is the richest musician in Kenya

Having shown his interest in politics, Jaguar is a parliament member representing the people of Starehe constituency.  His wealth comes from several sources, such as the transport industry of which he owns Air Jaguar, an aviation company for air travel at Wilson Airport. 

He also owns a motor industry and a construction industry that pays him well. Jaguar has apartments in Nairobi city as well as several cars that do cab business.  He also imports vehicles that he sells in Kenya.

Furthermore, he has received endorsements from big brands such as Coca-cola in Coke Studio Africa.  Besides being a board member of Nacada, he has also been involved in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaigns. He owns two palatial mansions, one in Athi river and another in his rural area, Nyeri. His expensive cars include Jaguar, Toyota Land cruiser, Bentley, Range Rovers, BMWs, and Mercedes Benzes.

4. Akothee

Famously known as ‘Madam Boss’ by her fans, Akothee is the richest female artist in East Africa and the second richest artist in Kenya. Her several singles and collabos with high profile artists such as Diamond and Flavor have given her fame in the music industry.

Akothee is the wealthiest female musician in East Africa
Akothee in one of her expensive cars

Akothee has acquired her wealth from different transport industry sectors where she has cars that do cab business in Mombasa. Madam Boss has also invested in the real estate company called Akothee Safaris that does both local and international tours and travels. She also owns a Morning Star Diani beach resort that earns her a lot of money.

Moreover, she has two expensive mansions, one in Rongo worth 100M and another in North Coast beachfront worth 120M. She also has a house in Nairobi suburbs worth 80M and another in Zurich, Switzerland. Furthermore, her expensive cars such as Audi Limousine, Land Cruiser V8, Ranger Rover, and Mercedes AMG SL63 convertible Roadster can indeed prove her richness.

5. Bobi Wine

Born on 12th February 1982 in Mpigi District, Kampala, Bobi is the second richest musician in Uganda. He joined the music industry over two decades ago and is now among the richest musicians in East Africa. He is also a politician and was elected in the 2016 elections to represent the Kyaddondo East constituency.

Bobi Wine

Bobi’s wealth comes from different sources such as the music industry, real estate, transport industry, and livestock. Besides, he has received endorsements from big brands like MTN, Centenary Bank, the Ministry of Health, and LifeGuard Condoms.

Also, he owns a farm with cattle and swine in Gomba District and a beach near Lake Victoria. Besides, he has several cars that do cab business in Kampala. Bobi also owns Firebase records in Kamwokya, Ssemakokiro plaza, yacht, and speedboats that earn him a lot of money.

Furthermore, he has palatial mansions in Gomba and Magere worth millions of money. Bobi Wine is also driving expensive and luxurious cars, such as an escalade.

The above is the list of the richest musicians in East Africa in 2020. Follow our daily articles and know more stories that are exciting.