Meet Chuka University Graduate Making ksh. 240k doing Dairy Farming

Meet Gordon Chui, a remarkable individual who has chosen an unconventional path after graduating from Chuka University. At the age of 28, he completed his diploma in animal health and production in 2018. While many of his peers were busy searching for traditional career opportunities, Chui decided to follow his true passion for farming.

Even before receiving his degree, Chui had already embarked on a dairy farming venture, receiving valuable assistance from his parents. His love for cows and the desire to nurture them became the driving force behind his decision.

Chui’s journey into the world of dairy farming began back in 2015, during his college days. However, it was after graduating that he fully committed to this endeavor. Fondly attached to his cows, he viewed his farming activities not just as a business but as a personal connection with these animals.

With the support and encouragement of his parents, Chui set forth into the farming industry immediately after graduation. His parents generously provided him with two cows to kickstart his dairy farming venture – an Ayrshire and a Friesian.

Over time, his dairy farm has flourished, and Chui now takes care of a total of 13 cows. Among them, he has four heifers, three dry cows, and six milking cows. Selling his dairy produce to well-known dairies such as Brookside, Mt. Kenya Milk, and Meru Central has proven to be a rewarding business decision.

During his peak production period, when he had 10 cows in his herd, Chui was able to yield an impressive 257 liters of milk per day. However, due to the three cows being in the dry period, his current daily production hovers between 155 and 175 liters.

Chui’s daily sales are divided into morning and evening deliveries. In the mornings, he supplies 120 to 140 liters of milk to Brookside at Ksh 54 per liter. During the evening, he sells 40 to 65 liters to either Mt. Kenya or Meru Central at a rate of Ksh 50 per liter.

Remarkably, Chui’s daily earnings from dairy farming are indeed noteworthy. In the morning, he earns between Ksh 6,480 and Ksh 7,560, while his evening income ranges from Ksh 2,000 to Ksh 3,250. These figures have attracted considerable attention, especially when many young individuals in Kenya are grappling with the challenges of unemployment.

Gordon Chui’s story serves as an inspiring example of how pursuing one’s passion can lead to success, even in non-conventional fields. His dedication to dairy farming and love for his cows have not only provided him with a fulfilling livelihood but also set an encouraging precedent for others to follow their dreams.