“Naitamani Jamani” Wema Sepetu Addresses Pregnancy Rumors -

“Naitamani Jamani” Wema Sepetu Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Bongo actress Wema Sepetu has refuted rumors of her pregnancy after fans speculated that she might be expecting. Following her recent photos online, some fans wished her well, while others cautioned her not to make it public if she was pregnant.

While addressing the issue, Wema denied being pregnant at the moment and added that she wouldn’t disclose such news even if she conceived. She expressed her desire to have a child, and hoped for God’s blessings to conceive. Wema also mentioned that she wouldn’t reveal her pregnancy news like when God blesses her womb and she gets pregnant, adding that she desires to get pregnant soon.

Wema however said that she is not pregnant, adding that she will not reveal the news incase she conceives. She also said that she desires to get pregnant.

“Angalizo..!!! Kile ni kipindi… I am not Pregnant YET…!!! Na hata kama nikishika mnahisi nitasema kweli…? Yaani ndo ile Mungu kasema, “Sasa acha nikubariki tumbo lako Wema” , afu PAAP “MIMBA”… Sisemi Ng’o…!!! Ila Naitamani jamani Tuseme Inshallah…(That is just a programme. I am not pregnant yet. Even if I concieve do you tthink I will reveal? Like when God says, ‘Let me bless your womb’ and then I get pregnant, I will not tell y’all. But I desire to get pregnant. Lets all say Inshallah,” she said.

In another post, Wema revealed her wish for a son who would bear a striking resemblance to her. Last year, Wema and her boyfriend Whozu had lost their three-month unborn child following an argument.