Interesting Facts about "Ngogoyo" Governor Kamau Wa Kangethe
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Interesting Facts about the “Ngogoyo” Governor Kamau Wa Kangethe

Innovation and Tech is critical to the turn of events and development of most media personalities, as funs can have the option to follow their #1 presenters. This isn’t the case with Kamau wa Kangethe, who is goes by the alias governor wa “Ngogoyo”. He hosts a show known as “Ngogoyo ya Inooro”which airs each Sundays in the afternoons.

His bond with his funs is extraordinary in a way that, it has made him gain funs every now and then , because of his discussions and debates on matters kenya. Among them is on the best way to acquire land.

He helps his audience understand on the important of investing in land as an asset, so that they can have both their future and that of their kids in order. Despite the fact that his funs follow him on messages and on major Facebook pages made to enhance his program,he put no effort on having his own Facebook account.

Kamau wa Kangethe also plays ‘mugithi’ songs making him attract quiet a good crowd. Other than that, he is a TV host in a morning show called, “Inooro Ruciini” with his co-host Njoroge wa Githinji. On the show, they do newspaper analyis together,He is also known to host political leaders in kenya to. Njoroge Wa Githinji advised him to open a Facebook account, yet he declined and revealed to him that he enjoys nothing about it and likes his life with less drama and no trolls.

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