Painful: Three KDF Soldier Die Hours After Mega Graduation -

Painful: Three KDF Soldier Die Hours After Mega Graduation

As per news reaching us , three recently graduated KDF Soldiers were among the six lives who died in the ghastly morning accident.

As per Kass television journalist Lemisato Emanuel, the three had recently graduated in a colorful ceremony that was presided by president Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday.

Tragically, their journey back home was stopped when a matatu they were traveling in collided head-on with an approaching truck before it crashed landed on the wreck.

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Six people were however reported dead at the scene with a number sustaining serious wounds.

This miserable news comes scarcely hours after it arose that a famous Ex Mp also lost his wife after a vehicle she was driving in collided head-on on with a tanker.

Recently the number of accidents around the nation has raised to a stressing pattern with questions raised regarding what could be going on in the general society.

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Kenyans have been urged slow down and observe the set road rules and guidelines to prevent such horrible collisions that have taken so many innocent lives.