Izo picha zilikuwa tu za kuficha white: Stephen Bhingi explains why he didn’t get even a minute to speak with President Ruto

Stephen ‘Rasta’ Bhingi, a diminutive enthusiast of reggae culture, gained widespread attention for his Rasta-themed content on TikTok. Recently, he made headlines again after meeting with President William Ruto.

Bhingi’s distinctive attire, characterized by an oversized Rasta hat, a crocheted scarf in Rasta colors, Gideon boots, and camouflage pants and jackets, contributed to his online popularity.

He started sharing his content on TikTok, showcasing himself dancing alongside boda boda riders at Githurai Roundabout or simply wandering around his neighborhood in Kiandutu, Thika, grooving to reggae tunes for the camera.

On March 18, images and videos of Bhingi and President Ruto exchanging smiles and striking a popular street pose circulated widely on the internet.

The President seemed genuinely delighted to meet the content creator, with both sharing beaming smiles. However, Bhingi revealed in subsequent days that he had no opportunity to converse with the president as he abruptly left without a word.

“We just took photos, you know! The moment I wanted to tell him what I wanted to show him from the photos, he had already left,” Bhingi recounted.

He mentioned that the president briefly inquired about his date of birth, but before he could respond, Ruto had moved on to another individual, as instructed by his security detail.

Born in 1997, Bhingi has appeared in various media interviews, discussing his life journey and his passion for reggae music. He was also among the guests invited to witness the announcement of content monetization on Facebook, Reels, and Instagram during the President’s meeting with the Facebook Management Team at State House, Nairobi.

Other notable content creators present at the event included Eddie Butita, Jaymo Ule Msee, and Jacky Vike, popularly known as Awinja.