Kenyan Celebrities Who Have Been Accused Of Being Deadbeats

In Kelebrity’s most notorious list of neglectful fathers, a new roster of deadbeat dads has emerged, with each one entangled in significant drama with their baby mamas. These Kenyan celebrities have found themselves in the headlines, accused of neglect and refusing to support their own children.


Bensoul, the singer, found himself in a predicament when his baby mama, Tiffany, got pregnant after a one-night stand. Shortly after she gave birth to their daughter, she publicly criticized him for being a deadbeat dad. Taking to Instagram, Tiffany expressed her frustration with a direct message that read, “Behind every deadbeat parent is another parent who makes things work, regardless of the situation, living a drama-free life and striving for the best for his/her children.”


Comedian-turned-politician Jalang’o faced exposure on Twitter when a lawyer named Benji Ndolo accused him of neglecting his three-year-old daughter. In a no-holds-barred tweet, Ndolo called out the Langata MP for ignoring his child’s cries of hunger and fatigue. He urged Jalang’o to step up and do the right thing, as it had been three months since he provided any support, with all his money seemingly going towards his political campaign. Ndolo further described Jalang’o as abusive and uncaring, tarnishing the image of someone he once thought highly of.

Khaligraph Jones:

Cashy Karumi, the mother of Khaligraph Jones’ child, publicly accused him of neglecting their kid. She claimed that while the rapper was busy building and flaunting his mansion on social media, their child lacked basic necessities. During an interview, Cashy expressed her frustration, questioning how a public figure like Khaligraph could ignore their child’s needs, emphasizing that the child had missed an entire school year due to the neglect. She also alleged that he was using their child as a means to punish her.


Initially, Mulamwah denied fathering a child with Instagram influencer Caroll Sonie, claiming she had cheated and gotten pregnant by another man. However, he later acknowledged the child as his own, though it was too little too late. Sonie did a revealing interview, exposing Mulamwah as a deadbeat dad who provided no support for their child. She stated that he had never bought food or clothes for the child and only showed up empty-handed for visits, deceiving people by posting pictures to make it seem otherwise. Sonie also expressed disappointment in his lack of respect for her parents.

DJ Shiti:

In an exclusive interview with Edgar Obare, DJ Shiti’s ex, Faiza, revealed that he had been neglecting his role as a father and had no interest in being involved in their daughter’s life. Additionally, Faiza disclosed that Shiti was not forthcoming with financial support for both her and their child. To add to the drama, Faiza later disclosed that Shiti had only been sending a meager amount of 150 bob as upkeep, further highlighting his neglectful behavior.

These celebrities have faced serious accusations and have been exposed for their negligence towards their own children, causing significant drama and public scrutiny.