Mike Sonko Calms Down an Angry Crowd that Stormed a Restaurant to Attack Youtuber Andrew Kibe

Former Nairobi governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, intervened to diffuse a tense situation involving media personality Andrew Kibe and an agitated crowd at a restaurant.

The disturbance occurred during Kibe’s interview with Sonko when a group of unruly individuals barged into the establishment. Although their specific grievances against Kibe remained undisclosed, their hostility was palpable.

Interrupting the interview, the crowd expressed their desire to remove Kibe from the premises. Sonko, captured in a circulating video, exhibited remarkable composure as he pacified the mob’s fervor, preventing any potential harm to Kibe.

These youths, purportedly informed about the interview through Kibe’s social media channels, reluctantly withdrew from the scene at Sonko’s urging.

Sonko’s diplomatic approach further de-escalated the situation as he escorted the youths out of the venue. Meanwhile, Kibe remained composed, observing the unfolding events while shielded by Sonko’s security detail.

This encounter marked the first meeting between Sonko and Kibe since their public feud in 2023, sparked by Sonko’s plea for Kibe to refrain from discussing him on his YouTube platform and intruding into his personal affairs. Sonko expressed dismay over Kibe’s alleged targeting of Kenyan celebrities, particularly women.