Too handsome! Meet Kenyan Boba boda rider driving women crazy with his hunk looks -

Too handsome! Meet Kenyan Boba boda rider driving women crazy with his hunk looks

Tizian Savage, a boda boda operator from Nakuru, has become quite the heartthrob, causing quite a stir among women who find themselves smitten by his charm.

This young man’s striking appearance has captivated the attention of numerous women, as he often shares videos of himself donning boda boda rider attire while striking poses next to his motorbike.

A segment of the female population has found themselves utterly taken by his looks, with some even expressing the desire to bear his child.

In the videos he frequently records during his breaks, his designated spot becomes recognizable due to its backdrop, the Naivas downtown supermarket.

On the Twitter front, Tizian’s admirers not only celebrate his handsome features but a number of ladies are of the opinion that his good looks should earn him an ambassadorial role.

However, one aspect that raised questions was his age, primarily because of his youthful appearance.

For those curious, Tizian is indeed 22 years old, standing at an impressive height of 6 feet. Yet, there’s a twist in the tale—Tizian has already found his soulmate.

Beyond his striking looks, many women have been drawn to his captivating smile.

It’s safe to assume that his business is thriving.

A glimpse at comments from TikTok users reveals:

Marie’s playful plea: “Where can I hitch a ride from Nakuru to Nairobi? Just you and me, embarking on a road trip.”

Bintimtas254’s succinct confession: “I’m in love.”

Shemarsh2’s amusing skepticism: “Are we really sure he’s a boda boda guy? Seriously!”

Phanny’s wish for him: “You deserve more, my friend. The government should bestow upon you a prestigious role…Kenyan ambassador.”

Yvonnequeen8’s straightforward observation: “He is incredibly handsome.”

Chelangatmilcah’s comment on his cuteness: “Cuteness overload.”

User4243499110106’s candid plea: “Make me pregnant.”

User3962022241783’s playful comparison: “You’re even cuter than my husband, I swear. I used to think he was the ultimate cutie.”

Tizian Savage’s presence has certainly stirred up quite the online frenzy among enamored admirers.