Kenyan Musician Nadia Mukami Involved in a Car Accident -

Kenyan Musician Nadia Mukami Involved in a Car Accident

African music sensation Nadia Mukami recently shared a harrowing account of what she described as the worst day of her life. She recounted her ordeal following a car accident in a heartfelt Instagram video.

Nadia Mukami’s emotional narration conveyed a sense that the incident had an otherworldly dimension, almost akin to a spiritual attack. She recounted the eerie coincidence that both she and a colleague were en route to the same destination, albeit in separate cars, when they were involved in distinct accidents at precisely the same moment.

In her own words, she expressed the profound shock and gratitude for surviving such a traumatic experience, “I have never experienced what I experienced today. I am just grateful that I am alive. I feel like it was a spiritual attack. We got into an accident we were in different places heading to the same direction and the accidents happened at the same time. How weird is that.”

Nadia, known for her hit track ‘maombi,’ revealed the magnitude of the incident, emphasizing her relief that her car did not collide with a larger vehicle, such as a trailer. She expressed her doubt that she would have emerged unscathed if the collision had involved a larger vehicle, saying, “Tuliponea. If it was a trailer probably I would not be alive. Thank God ilikuwa gari ndogo coz the impact on the car was so heavy.”

Tragically, her colleague was not as fortunate, as he remains in a critical condition in the hospital. Nadia chose not to divulge further details out of respect for his family, explaining, “The other guy I can not talk much coz of respecting his family coz I am in no position. He is in a very critical condition.”

Nadia concluded her account by revealing that she had spent the entire day at the hospital, and in the evening, she expressed her relief at being able to return home to her son, undoubtedly cherishing the gift of life after her harrowing experience.