“I Used To Con People”: Kenyan Prince Narrates His Conning Journey in Nairobi

Raymond Omosa, popularly known as the Kenyan Prince, has finally confessed about his history as a conman.

Omosa, who refers to himself as Kenya’s youngest sponsor, admitted to having conned people for a year and a half. In an exclusive interview, he shared that his actions were driven by a desire to join the University of Nairobi (UON) and become a doctor, which led him to seek alternative ways to raise money.

“When I was on the streets of Nairobi, I managed to get people to contribute money for me. I started making money while living on the streets, often staying with a watchman. My intentions were pure—I was seeking help to join the University of Nairobi. Eventually, I gathered enough money to pay for my first year of tuition. After securing the funds, I moved to Ngara, rented a small bedsitter for 10,000 KES, and bought my first smartphone, a Samsung A32. That’s when the con game started,” he recounted.

Kenyan Prince revealed that he began by conning people in WhatsApp groups by selling fake betting odds. His operations escalated when another individual suggested he create a Telegram channel, where he could potentially earn 100,000 KES in a day.

“That’s when I started conning people. I got online and figured out a way. My intentions were purely to go to school and become a doctor, but I didn’t have the means to pay my school fees. I created WhatsApp groups, convincing people to buy betting odds. People were paying 300, 500, 3,000 KES, which was a lot of money for me at the time. I have been a conman before, that’s a fact. Someone from WhatsApp told me I wasn’t maximizing my potential and suggested creating a Telegram channel. It worked, and I even started making 100,000 KES a day,” he explained.

Omosa has since claimed that he no longer cons people, stating that he is now wealthy and that people no longer have money to con. Recently, he has been seen flaunting large amounts of money online.

Known as Kenya’s youngest sponsor, Omosa is currently a forex trader. His source of income has long been a topic of speculation among Kenyans, particularly the youth.