Omanyala’s Coach Geoffrey Kimani Speaks of Social Media Toxicity Weeks After Omanyala Was Accused of Cheating on His Wife

Famed Kenyan sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala’s mentor, Geoffrey Kimani, has addressed the pervasive toxicity within the social media landscape, particularly concerning Kenyan athletes.

In the aftermath of Marathon Icon Eliud Kipchoge’s recent BBC interview, where Kipchoge disclosed receiving threats following Kelvin Kitpum’s demise, Kimani highlighted the consistently toxic, envious, and malicious atmosphere prevalent on Kenyan social media platforms.

He further urged coaches and management to take proactive measures to shield their athletes from the detrimental effects of such behavior exhibited by social media users.

“Kenyan social media is rife with toxicity, jealousy, and malice… It springs to life when one encounters setbacks or failures… Although it reflects a strong mindset, coaches should prioritize protecting their athletes and their environment… An athlete’s inner circle must be tightly knit!” Kimani conveyed via his Twitter account.

Kimani’s remarks arise amidst the controversy surrounding Ferdinand Omanyala, who found himself entangled in a scandal allegedly involving another individual’s partner.

The aggrieved party disclosed private exchanges between Omanyala and the lady in question, identified as Kim Sene, a fitness instructor.

These exchanges, extracted from the girlfriend’s Instagram Direct Messages, revealed intimate conversations between Omanyala and Kim.

In one instance, Kim expressed her longing for Omanyala and praised his prowess in intimate matters, affirming her loyalty to him.

It’s worth noting that Omanyala is married to Laventa Amutavi, a social worker, and the couple shares a three-year-old son named Quinton.