Muthee Kiengei’s Church Buys KSh 6m Evangelism Truck Months after Launch

Months after its launch, Muthee Kiengei’s Jesus Christ Compassion Ministry (JCM) church continues to thrive. The church, founded by Kiengei in February, has seen remarkable growth, drawing attention to various aspects of its operations.

Kiengei’s journey into establishing the JCM church began in 2020 when he was ordained as a pastor in the Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa. Questions arose regarding his motives for venturing into this endeavor, with some speculating whether it was driven by financial gains. Kiengei, however, vehemently denied any such intentions.

Leveraging his popularity and a substantial following on social media, Kiengei’s inaugural mass was a resounding success. Over the ensuing months, the church consistently attracted large congregations, and Kiengei appeared determined to capitalize on this momentum. In an effort to expand the church’s reach and resources, Kiengei announced that members would be required to contribute a monthly fee.

Kiengei disclosed that each congregant would need to contribute KSh 300 per month to maintain their membership. He emphasized that the collected funds played a crucial role in the development of the church, stating, “Every month, we will check whether you paid the money. That money enabled us to develop this church to the current state.”

In a significant development, on Sunday, September 17, Kiengei unveiled a crusade truck that had been purchased by JCM. During the Sunday service, Kiengei presented the anointed crusade truck, prominently featuring the church’s branding and images of himself. The truck’s trailer boasted an array of speakers, enhancing its mobility for spreading the gospel. Additionally, the rear of the truck featured an exclusive area furnished with expensive seats, providing a comfortable space for the preacher between sermons. For security purposes, JCM had also installed CCTV cameras on the vehicle.

This custom Man truck came with a price tag of approximately KSh 6 million. Kiengei expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am honored to bless and dedicate a JCM evangelism truck for the Glory of God. This truck will help our evangelism and compassion teams meet their goal of winning souls to Christ.”

Netizens took to social media to extend their congratulations to Kiengei for this milestone. Pst David Wamae Waweru expressed, “The Lord’s doing. Congratulations.” Sammy Kaihuri offered his well-wishes, saying, “May God add more to His kingdom through this great ministry.”