“Mjulus Ilikaput”: Sonko Reveals Negative Effects Of Consuming Miraa 

Kenyan philanthropist and former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi, popularly known as Sonko, has revealed the negative effects he experienced after using khat (miraa).

In an exclusive interview, Sonko disclosed that he turned to miraa due to the stress he was under from numerous legal cases against him at the time. He explained that he would often face up to five court cases daily.

“I was being accused of things I hadn’t done. Reflecting on the stress I had back then—cases involving Shimo la Tewa, albino, drugs, and sensitive areas—I used to chew a bit until I couldn’t perform anymore. I like to speak openly because people are afraid,” he shared.

“I’m not using offensive language; I want to educate people. I’ve faced this issue two or three times in my life, being labeled a terrorist and an assaulter. Every day, I had about five cases. So, I lost focus and my virility,” Sonko explained.

Sonko has urged men facing similar challenges to seek out a Western herb that he found very helpful. He confirmed that it worked for him and recommended it to other men.

“Those who chew muguka say it diminishes virility. When I had this problem, I want to confirm that I used Mukhombero like a toothbrush, and my problems were resolved. If you use it, your virility returns,” he added.