Pastor Kanyari Gives Congregants Free Flour, Promises Free Business Ads On His TVs

Salvation and healing preacher Pastor Victor Kanyari has recently garnered attention on social media by gifting his church members maize flour and promising them free business advertisements on his three television stations.

In a recent sermon shared online, Pastor Kanyari discussed his experiences after joining TikTok. He noted that the platform seemed devoid of financial opportunities, contradicting the glamorous lifestyles many TikTok users portray.

Pastor Kanyari observed that many young people on TikTok are financially struggling and often misrepresent their means of livelihood. In response to his findings, he decided to provide his congregants with maize flour and opportunities to advertise their businesses on his television channels.

“There is food for everyone to take home. Everyone must get some flour,” Pastor Kanyari announced at the conclusion of his sermon.

He emphasized the importance of supporting those who support the church: “Feed what’s feeding you. No one should come to church and leave without gaining something. They will leave. We are going to support the businesses of our people.”

He encouraged his congregants to share information about their businesses so he could help promote them on his TV, radio, and even TikTok platforms, ensuring they gain customers and see tangible benefits.

Highlighting the power of media, Pastor Kanyari revealed that each of his television stations generates at least Ksh 1.5 million monthly. His goal is to expand his network to ten TV stations.

He confidently stated that his television stations provide him with financial security, ensuring he never goes broke or hungry. Pastor Kanyari added that he could easily give one of his congregants Ksh 100,000 without feeling the impact, as a single advertisement on any of his stations can recoup the amount within 24 hours.