“Haiya Hii Imeanda” Jackie Mutabai Shows Off Adorable Wedding With DJ Mo

Recently, a joyous occasion unfolded as Jackie Matubia and Dj Mo joined in matrimony. Both of them shined in their respective roles as bridesmaid and best man, making the wedding a memorable and delightful event. The couple’s exceptional dance moves and musical talents left a lasting impression on the guests, and it became evident that they are both gifted dancers.

During the wedding, Jackie Matubia and Dj Mo appeared to be the epitome of a picture-perfect couple. It is widely known that they are both married to their respective partners, and their commitment to their relationships is well-established.

Regarding Jackie Matubia’s love life, she has been romantically involved with actor Blessing Lungaho, while Dj Mo has been happily married to gospel singer Size 8.

It’s worth mentioning that Jackie Matubia’s marriage has reportedly faced some challenges, but we sincerely wish her and her husband the best of luck in resolving any issues they may be going through. We hope they can overcome these obstacles and find happiness together.

On her verified Facebook page, Jackie Matubia shared some adorable wedding photos with Dj Mo, capturing their joyous moments beautifully. It is evident that the bride and groom are ecstatic about their decision to tie the knot, and their happiness shines through in the pictures.

Overall, the wedding of Jackie Matubia and Dj Mo was a heartwarming event filled with love and celebration. We wish them both a lifetime of happiness and bliss in their journey together as a married couple.