The Wachiras: Family Of Pilots Who Own Flight Training Center -

The Wachiras: Family Of Pilots Who Own Flight Training Center

The Wachiras are a family of pilots who own a flight training center. They have been in the aviation industry for generations and have a passion for teaching others how to fly.

The family’s journey in aviation began with the patriarch, Captain James Wachira, who was a commercial airline pilot. He flew for many years and eventually retired from flying, but his love for aviation never died. After retiring, Captain Wachira decided to start a flight training center in order to pass on his knowledge and experience to the next generation of pilots.

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The flight training center, known as the Wachira Aviation Academy, has been in operation for over 20 years and has trained countless pilots. The academy is known for its high-quality training and experienced instructors, who are all former pilots with extensive flying experience.

The Wachiras have always been a close-knit family, and this is evident in the way they run the flight training center. Each family member plays a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of the academy. The family’s matriarch, Mrs. Mary Wachira, handles the administration and finances of the academy, while the eldest son, Captain John Wachira, is the chief instructor. The younger children, Captain Jane Wachira and Captain Tom Wachira, are also instructors at the academy and are highly respected for their knowledge and skills.

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The Wachiras’ love for aviation extends beyond just their own family. They have a strong commitment to the community and frequently offer scholarships and discounts to students who may not have the financial means to afford flight training. They also offer internships and job opportunities to students who have graduated from the academy, giving them a chance to gain practical experience and further their careers in aviation.

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The Wachiras’ dedication to their students and the aviation industry is admirable. They have built a successful business while also ensuring that they are helping others achieve their dreams of becoming pilots. Their passion for aviation is evident in everything they do, and it is clear that they are a family of pilots who truly love what they do.