Kenya’s Most Handsome Man Tells Girls To Stop Chasing After Him

A Kenyan TikToker, who refers to himself as the most handsome man in Kenya, has publicly called on Kenyan girls to stop pursuing him.

According to this self-proclaimed most handsome man, life as the most attractive man in Kenya is overwhelming. He expressed his exhaustion with the constant attention from girls. Taking to social media, he pleaded with Kenyans to leave him alone. He acknowledged his good looks but insisted that the pursuit needs to end.

“Being the most handsome man in Kenya is crazy. I’m tired of running from girls, bro. I’m tired, please stop chasing after me, sawa? Wakenya mniache, I’m tired. I know I’m handsome, but please stop chasing after me. C’mon, I’m tired,” he said.

His boastful claims and complaints about being chased have sparked a wide range of reactions from netizens. Some questioned if the definition of “handsome” has changed, while others were amused or skeptical about his announcement.

Comments from netizens included: “Who is chasing you? They must be blind,” “Me, searching for the meaning of chasing,” “Which girls?” and “If you could see my facial expressions while listening to him.” One user humorously suggested, “Maybe chasing means chasing him away; we need to hear their side of the story.”

Despite the negative feedback, the self-proclaimed most handsome man in Kenya remains firm in his request to not be pursued any longer.