MP JAGUAR tells Kenyan musicians to stop begging for handouts from him.

MP JAGUAR tells Kenyan musicians to stop begging for handouts from him.

Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Kanyi aka Jaguar, has lashed at broke Kenyan artists who are looking for handouts from him.
Talking in an interview on Mambo Mseto, the Kigeugeu hitmaker revealed that a few Kenyan musicians have been calling him asking for cash freebees, yet they didn’t vote in favor of him.

He said he was voted by Starehe residents and he needs to fulfill his promises to them, adding that he doesn’t represent Kenyan artists in Parliament.

“I am an artist but I did not go to ask for votes as a musician, I was not elected by musicians neither am I their representative in Parliament.

“I was voted by the Starehe people and they are the people I represent. There is a promise I gave Starehe people and I have to fulfill it,” he said

He claimed that some musicians don’t take music as a business and that is the reason they have been transformed into beggars

“I don’t know where artists got the mentality that they have to be helped. Some no longer take music as a business, they don’t even know what they are supposed to do.

“They misuse their money and when they mess they start saying Jaguar is not helping artists,” he added.

Jaguar further called on artists to stop living large and encouraged them to invest their money wisely.

“I want to tell them this, I was making over Sh1 million and I know there are artists I was with and they would make over Sh1 million.

“If you are not investing the money you get from your music, your work is only living large, and driving expensive cars, just know music is like any other business” he added.