Meet Ruth Karauri, a Form 4 Leaver Who’s a Pilot at Kenya Airways

Captain Ruth Karauri of Kenya Airways recently shared that she completed her education up to the fourth form level. Despite this, she seized the opportunity to undergo training with Africa’s largest airline.

In an interview with Standard Digital, the mother of three emphasized her belief in the value of experience, asserting, “With the kind of experience I have, I can pursue a master’s degree without undergoing an undergraduate course. Obtaining a degree is beneficial, but it’s not the end of the world if one doesn’t have one.”

Ruth recounted facing skepticism during her training, with a teacher warning her that she would never be able to fly a plane. Undeterred, she defied expectations and emerged as one of the world’s top female pilots.

Reflecting on a pivotal moment during training in Addis Ababa, where ex-military pilots were instructing, Ruth shared, “I was asked if I knew how to ride a bicycle, and I replied in the negative. The trainer then asserted that I could never fly a plane, leading me to believe my dreams were shattered. However, I persevered, learned how to fly, and later acquired the skill of driving a car. I’ve even enlisted my son to teach me how to ride a bike.”

Notably, Captain Ruth Karauri is married to SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri and stands as one of the 40 female pilots in Kenya, contributing to the advancement of women in the aviation industry.