Nicki Bigfish shares sad news about his father’s health, asks for financial help.

Comedian Nicki Bigfish recently took to his Instagram page to share some distressing news regarding his father’s health. The comedian revealed that his father has been diagnosed with a tumor on his head, which requires surgical intervention, along with the accompanying financial burden.

Faced with the overwhelming cost of the impending medical procedure, Nicki Bigfish made a heartfelt appeal to his followers and the wider public, seeking assistance during this challenging period.

In the midst of this trying situation, Bigfish also expressed his deep appreciation for the outpouring of prayers and comforting words that he and his family have received.

“Your prayers and the kindness of your words mean the world to us. Mzee, my father, is scheduled for an emergency surgery, and the associated hospital expenses are a significant burden,” Bigfish shared, elaborating on how well-wishers can extend their support.

Nicki Bigfish’s emotional plea resonated with his fans and fellow celebrities, prompting a wave of support and pledges to assist the content creator during this difficult time.