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Dishwasher working in Germany earning Sh. 237,000 monthly salary

In an interview with Youtuber Zionfelix, Kofi Asiedu, a Ghanaian international who works in Germany as a dishwasher, revealed that he earns a monthly salary of Sh. 237,000. He also gave insight into the demands of his job and the daily routine he faces.

Asiedu works eight hours a day, five days a week, and earns a minimum of Sh. 1607 per hour. He stated that while the salary may seem like easy money to some, the job of a dishwasher is physically demanding and requires a lot of skill and attention. He must stand for nearly 8 hours washing dishes, with only 10 to 20-minute breaks in between.

“You stand on your feet and work for eight hours. You can only go for a food break for 10 to 20 minutes,” he said. He also emphasized that there is no time for distractions such as social media during work hours, as his boss does not allow it.

In addition to sharing details about his job, Asiedu also offered advice to local relatives of people living abroad, urging them not to squander money sent to them from abroad. He stressed the importance of understanding the hard work and dedication required to earn that money.

Netizens online praised Asiedu for his hard work, humility, and dedication to his blue-collar job. One commented, “One thing I have learned from this guy is that he is very humble because such a job demands a very humble person. If you are not humble you can’t do such a job.” Another wrote, “Congrats to him for sharing his story… others wouldn’t open up this way.”