Jeff Omondi Opondo, a name that echoes in the popular Citizen TV series ‘Becky’ is making waves in Kenya’s entertainment industry.

From his humble beginnings at Muthaiga Primary School to pursuing Theater Arts and Film at Kenyatta University, Jeff’s journey is marked by passion, determination, and a genuine love for the craft.

Background & education

Born and raised in Lucky Summer, Nairobi, Jeff Omondi Opondo began his educational journey at Muthaiga Primary School.

His secondary school days unfolded at Ndere Boys and St Mary’s School Yala. The pursuit of his passion for Theater Arts and Film led him to the University of Nairobi, where he initially enrolled before transferring to Kenyatta University.

Jeff’s interest in acting sprouted during his primary school years, where he took the lead in scripting and writing stories for drama festivals.

The Role of Sanches in ‘Becky’

Jeff Opondo’s breakthrough came with his audition for the role of Sanchez in the acclaimed ‘Becky’ series.

Beyond auditions, Jeff says that he might have got the role because he has left his mark in various films, letting his work speak volumes about his talent.

Sanchez, according to Jeff, is a character embodying goodness—a person willing to sacrifice to help others, whether with money or food.

The role has taught Jeff the invaluable trait of being a genuinely good person.

Other movies that Jeff Opondo has featured

Jeff’s cinematic journey extends beyond the ‘Becky’ series. Noteworthy mentions include his roles in series like ‘A Better Life’, available on Showmax, and ‘Kanairo’, where he portrayed the character Jonte.

Jeff Opondo’s advice to aspiring actors

For those aspiring to enter the industry, Jeff emphasises the importance of overcoming fear and actively creating opportunities.

He encourages aspiring actors to align themselves with the right people, as collaboration can often be the key to success. Jeff shares that acting does pay, contingent on one’s discipline and the terms of their contract.

In his view, prayer and discipline have been instrumental in his life, citing that many positive occurrences were the results of his prayers.

Jeff’s acknowledgment & gratitude

Jeff extended gratitude to the producers of ‘Becky’, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla, whom he refers to as his bosses.

Their wisdom, gleaned from years in the industry, has been invaluable to Jeff. He appreciates the opportunity they provided him to do what he loves.

Tribe: Sanchez is a Luo from Nyanza Region.

Spouse: it’s not yet clear to public about his love life because he has put his personal life off social media. We don’t have a clear information whether he’s dating or married.

Sanchez lives a private life.