Akothee Reveals She Could Be Pregnant With Omosh’s Baby

Akothee made a startling revelation on her social media platform that has left her followers both surprised and amused. The self-proclaimed “Madam Boss” hinted at the possibility of her being pregnant, and the alleged father of the child is none other than her estranged husband, Mr. Omosh.

Known for her candid and unfiltered social media presence, Akothee shared a post where she expressed her confusion and amusement regarding the rumors surrounding her personal life. She began by addressing the speculations about her marital status, particularly regarding her relationship with her white husband, Denis Schweizer.

Akothee clarified her position by saying, “And why do they think we are divorced? I never mentioned a breakup! I didn’t say we parted ways, and suddenly, they started claiming it was ‘Ojingo wa 8.'” However, she has not released an official statement regarding her marriage with Denis Schweizer Omosh, leaving the status of their relationship uncertain.

Nonetheless, a wave of rumors has circulated, suggesting that the couple might no longer be together and may be experiencing difficulties in their relationship. Several recent actions on social media have contributed to these breakup speculations. Akothee, who was previously known as ‘Mrs. Omosh’ on Instagram, made significant changes to her profile, including removing her husband’s name and deleting numerous photos featuring him.

Adding to the intrigue, Mr. Omosh’s Instagram account, which had garnered approximately 72,000 followers, mysteriously disappeared. It remains unclear whether this deactivation is temporary or permanent, but Akothee had already unfollowed the account before it vanished.

In a somewhat humorous manner, Akothee acknowledged the situation by stating, “There is a blogger who has captured my sentiments, so let me share them here to prevent them from making it breaking news. But, Omosh, what have you done to us? This pregnancy will be something else!”