Nisiwapate TikTok Nyinyi: Pastor Kanyari warns his church members against joining TikTok app

Once again, the controversial Nairobi pastor, Victor Mwangi Kanyari, has sparked debate due to his contradictory conduct, drawing scrutiny from both his followers and the public.

Kanyari, renowned for his flashy demeanor and contentious remarks, has come under fire yet again for his recent remarks concerning the social media platform TikTok.

In a recent church service, Kanyari, who has previously shared aspects of his personal life with journalist Peter Salasya, discussed his interaction with TikTok. Despite acknowledging his own use of the platform, he cautioned his congregation against it, citing concerns about its allegedly irreligious content.

This admonition stands in stark contrast to Kanyari’s own presence on TikTok, where he has gained a following and even made extravagant promises to his audience, such as offering a car upgrade to one user.

“Stick to television. TikTok is full of eccentric individuals. Instead, watch Prophetic TV and Shifu TV,” he declared.

This isn’t the first instance where Pastor Kanyari has faced criticism for his behavior. He has previously been embroiled in scandals involving accusations of exploiting his followers for financial gain.

Despite facing criticism and legal repercussions, Kanyari continues to hold a significant position within Nairobi’s religious community.