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Khaligraph Jones and Nikita Kering are 2023 Coke Studio representatives

The Administration Police Service (APS) has released information regarding the apprehension of the individual known as the ‘Nanyuki Spider Man.’ Following the circulation of photos on Twitter depicting the individual dressed as Spider-Man, engrossed in reading a book and carrying a shopping basket, further details have emerged.

The enigmatic figure was spotted standing near a fence adorned with the words ‘Nanyuki Primary School,’ seemingly lost in his own world. A police officer approached the individual, leading to a brief interaction between the two. Subsequently, the superhero-like character was observed being escorted into a police vehicle, presumably destined for the local police station.

In response to this incident, a Twitter account under the handle @InsecurityKE posted four photos and raised questions as to why the APS had taken the man into custody, asserting that he was simply minding his own business. The tweet directly tagged the APSKenya account, seeking clarification on the matter.

Following inquiries by Citizen digital, the Nanyuki APS provided insights into their actions. An anonymous source from the APS revealed that the individual in question is mentally ill and had been reported missing by his family. Consequently, the intervention was not an arrest but rather a wellness check.

Upon being apprehended, family members promptly rushed to Nanyuki prison, armed with hospital documents affirming the individual’s mental illness. The relevant documentation facilitated his release, and he was subsequently taken home by his family.