” I Really Want Love” Desperate Pritty Vishy Cries Out. -

” I Really Want Love” Desperate Pritty Vishy Cries Out.

The infamous socialite and content creator, Pritty Vishy, has once again become the center of attention. Pritty gained online fame as the girlfriend of Stivo Simple Boy but has been struggling to find lasting love.

After experiencing issues of infidelity, Pritty and Stivo Simple Boy ended their relationship. Stivo even claimed that Pritty was not suitable for marriage and merely sought fame by associating herself with him.

Since the breakup with Simple Boy, Pritty Vishy has been involved in numerous on-and-off relationships. Every time she announces a new partner, it only takes a few months for her to declare herself single again.

Desperate to find a lasting connection, Pritty has openly expressed her desire for a committed relationship on her Instagram page. She frequently shares cryptic posts suggesting her weariness of being single. In one post, she yearns for a man who will be infatuated with her, while in another, she plainly states her urgent need for a partner.

Just a month ago, Pritty Vishy proudly announced that she had found an attractive boyfriend residing abroad. However, it appears that their relationship took a turn for the worse as her recent Instagram stories indicate that Pritty is once again single.