Anyone Selling Drugs and Illicit Alcohol is a Murderer, says Pastor Dorcas Rigathi

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi has issued a stern warning to drug barons, dealers, and those involved in the sale of illicit brews, asserting that their days of exploiting vulnerable lives are rapidly dwindling.

Addressing the audience at the SOT Technical Institute in Bomet, the spouse of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua underscored the urgency for individuals engaged in the nefarious trade of peddling drugs and harmful brews to immediately cease their destructive activities, particularly those negatively impacting the lives of children.

Expressing her deep concern, she remarked, “Those who peddle poison to you are driven by the pursuit of wealth. I fervently hope that their endeavors to profit from such harmful substances leave them impoverished. Consider this a formal notice – anyone involved in the sale of these poisons is, in essence, a murderer.”

Pastor Dorcas went on to address the students of the institute, imploring, “They have the opportunity to pursue more constructive ventures. We cannot idly stand by while individuals poison the minds of our children, causing harm to others’ offspring, ultimately witnessing the decline of an entire generation.”

During her tour of Bomet County, Pastor Dorcas inaugurated the Bomet Treatments and Rehabilitation Centre at Koiwa Hospital. Notably, she welcomed the first cohort of 100 addicts who willingly enrolled in the rehabilitation program.

Two weeks prior to this event, Pastor Dorcas had announced ambitious plans to collaborate with medical facilities under both national and county governments. The objective is to allocate dedicated wards for the rehabilitation of individuals grappling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Acknowledging the current limitations of existing rehabilitation centers, both public and private, Pastor Dorcas stressed, “Despite the combined capacity of these facilities, the overwhelming demand for treatment for drug and alcohol addiction remains unmet.”

She further outlined her office’s intention to engage with the Ministry of Health in both national and county government hospitals, advocating for the establishment of specialized wards for youth rehabilitation. This initiative aims to address the pressing need for expanded rehabilitation services.

Additionally, Pastor Dorcas revealed ongoing efforts to collaborate with the national health insurer to broaden its coverage. The goal is to include comprehensive rehabilitation and treatment options for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, furthering the commitment to providing much-needed support and care to affected individuals.