Andrew Kibe's Wife - Woman Who Broke His Heart -

Andrew Kibe’s Wife – Woman Who Broke His Heart

Andrew Kibe is a renowned media personality in Kenya, who gained fame from his controversial stance on the NRG Breakfast show, where he was known for advocating for the “boychild.” His on-air speeches were often venomous, which set him apart from other media personalities.

It might come as a surprise, but Kibe was once a pastor before he took up a career in the media industry. He was also a devoted husband to a lovely woman, but unfortunately, their marriage ended in a divorce, which some people attribute to Kibe’s change in character after their union.

Interestingly, Kibe met his wife while serving in a church, where she was also a member of the choir. However, after their church wedding, Kibe claimed that his wife showed her true colors, which led to the breakdown of their marriage.

Kibe’s first wife worked at a casino, which made him hesitant to marry her. However, her coworkers convinced him that she was God’s chosen partner for him, citing her membership in the choir as proof. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t work out, and Kibe’s baby mama, who he claims distanced him from their son, has not allowed him to see his child for seven to twelve years.

Kibe is also estranged from his mother, who he says tried to cancel his wedding. He recounted how she appeared during the ceremony, trying to stop it, despite them not speaking before.

In 2019, Kibe revealed his stance on women to Kamene Goro, his co-host on the NRG Breakfast show. He confessed that he didn’t cry at his sister’s sudden death because they were not on good terms due to land and money issues in court.

In summary, Kibe is a controversial media personality in Kenya, who has had a colorful past that has attracted both fans and critics.