“I am Serving Omosh Raw & Dry” Akothee Reveals

Akothee recently surprised her followers by sharing a picture of her spouse, Omosh, on social media. She playfully teased her fans, saying, “You asked where Omosh is! I now offer raw and dried Omosh for all three meals of the day. Please hold off on tuning in to the next episode.”

In another post, she praised her husband, claiming that he’s a finer man than her own partner. She also hinted at a week-long honeymoon, urging her followers to plan accordingly with the hashtag #honeymoon. Her excitement and happiness were evident as she expressed, “I can feel it in my heart.”

Responding to rumors that she was trying to harm people, Akothee humorously stated that she would rather spend her money on packages to see her than on groceries. She received congratulatory messages as fans celebrated her success with the endearing title “Madam Boss,” acknowledging that life has its challenges, but she’s destined for greatness.

Akothee’s well-wishers praised her, calling her “Esther” and encouraging her not to abandon social media. They assured her of their support and that she deserves first-rate amenities. They wanted her to have fun and stay safe, while also expressing their hope that Omosh would bring joy to her and her loved ones. The post concluded with a heartfelt message from Akothee’s household, stating that they are overjoyed and will be praying for her continued success.