Maragua Tom Ikonya who lost Ksh 700,000 after a woman kissed him in a bar(Photo)

During an interview with Nation Africa, Tom Ikonya shared his heartbreaking story of losing Ksh700,000 to a woman he met in a bar who kissed him. Ikonya revealed that after losing the money, he fell into a deep depression and started having nightmares, often dreaming of women chasing him. His condition became so severe that his relatives suggested he seek treatment at a mental hospital. In response, he fled his brother’s home and rented a single room in Ruiru, using his National Social Security Fund savings of Ksh50,000.

Since the incident, Ikonya has struggled to trust anyone, including his own relatives, and he no longer reveals his place of residence. He declared that he would never again allow himself to be manipulated into poverty and self-pity, and that he has lost his desire to be generous or to be kissed by women, despite having some money left.

Ikonya, who is 60 years old, had intended to use the Ksh700,000 to establish a boiled meat business in Maragua town as his retirement plan. However, his plans were derailed when he met the woman who promised to help him with ideas for his business. Within days, he had exhausted all his money and had to borrow Ksh10,000 to settle his bills.

After reading his story, the police launched a search for the woman responsible for Ikonya’s plight, but she managed to evade capture. Ikonya’s resolutions for the year are to quit alcohol and to turn his life over to Christ, in the hopes that he will be able to change his ways and live a longer, more fulfilling life.