Tiktoker Tizian Savage Buys A New sleek Audi A7

Digital content creator Tizian Savage recently celebrated a milestone in his life, proudly announcing his acquisition of an Audi A7 on social media. Expressing his gratitude to a higher power, he shared the news with his fans, reflecting on his journey from adversity to success.

In 2024, Tizian took to social media to express his heartfelt gratitude, acknowledging the blessings he has received: “2024 God did🥺,when i didnt have i complained,and now tht he has blessed me i wont keep it a secret 👏🤍.”

Tizian initially gained attention as a bodaboda rider in Nakuru, his charm and charisma catching the eye of many. His viral video catapulted him into the spotlight, with admirers not only appreciating his good looks but also recognizing his potential for ambassadorial roles.

Recently, Tizian reminisced about his friendship with the late Brian Chira, a close companion. In an interview with Radio Maisha, he fondly recalled their first encounter and Chira’s proposition to collaborate on content creation. Despite initial nerves, their partnership flourished, with Chira’s support propelling Tizian into the public eye. Reflecting on their bond, Tizian clarified that their relationship was purely platonic, though he amusingly recounted Chira’s antics when intoxicated.

From his humble beginnings as a bodaboda rider to his rapid ascent to TikTok stardom, Tizian Savage’s journey exemplifies resilience and determination. Within a matter of months, he transformed his life, culminating in the proud ownership of his Audi A7.

Congratulations, Tizian, on your well-deserved success.