Seren Heaven: Kenyan School Where All Girls are Pregnant. -

Seren Heaven: Kenyan School Where All Girls are Pregnant.

Seren Heaven is a school where all Girls are pregnant. It is located in Kenya, a place known as Nyahururu. It is the only school in Kenya that only accomodates pregnant young ladies, and allow them to continue with their education.

As we all know, Teenage pregnancy in Kenya has been increasing every year. Most young girls are being impregnated by either relatives or Men who entice them. Most cases of teenage pregnancies have been linked to the Bodaboda people.

So one lady together with some few people decided to come up with Seren Heaven. This is a special name given to this school , because it is supposed to be heaven to the ladies who have babies and they have been rejected back at home.

It is not always easy for the young girls , especially who are below 18 years and are pregnant, to be accepted and given peace of mind by their parents. Most of them end up living a miserable life and that is how their dreams die.

The school has more than 100 pregnant girls and plus some who have already given birth. The girls receive quality education , and they are also fed well. Currently they can’t accommodate more student due to lack of finance. Remember they don’t have sponsors hence they have been funding themselves.

The managing director has urged Kenyans of good will or sponsors from different parts of the world, to support Seren Heaven. They really want to help and save underage pregnant ladies from humiliation. They want to give them a second chance and make their dreams come true.