Muthee Kiengei Plans To Move His Mother’s Remains From A Cemetery Next To His Father’s Grave

Kameme FM Radio presenter Muthee Kiengei has shocked many after claiming that he is planning to exhume the remains of his mom from her cemetery. Muthee Kiengei is hence saying that he wants to move the remains to where his dad was graved where he would lay his mother next to the dad.

Taking it to his twitter page, Muthee Kiengei posted photographs while standing on his dad’s grave. Alongside the photographs the radio presenter captioned revealing the much love and missments he holds to the departed dad further adding that he needs to cement his dad’s grave as well.

“Dad, I am relocating your wife from the cemetery to where you are, all plans are in high gear to bring her near you. Dad, we miss you daily, personally, I miss that voice that made me change…your grave flowers are now dried and now I have decided to cement your grave. I’m not making it hard to reach you but it will show honour and respect,” Muthee Kiengei posted on twitter.