“Siezi bishana na Mtu kama KRG Huyo ni Mtu naeza Piga na MJULUS Akufe” Andrew Kibe

Kenyan artist KRG The Don has recently disclosed the root cause of his ongoing feud with Andrew Kibe, shedding light on their antagonistic relationship. The revelation transpired during an interview with Oga Obinna and co-host Sheila Kwamboka.

KRG, a father of three, elucidated that his discord with Kibe stems from the latter’s tendency to criticize men, specifically those who responsibly provide for their families, a feat that Kibe allegedly falls short of accomplishing himself. In expressing his disdain, KRG referred to Kibe as a “sperm donor,” insinuating that Kibe merely contributed genetically without fulfilling paternal responsibilities.

Responding to Kibe’s derogatory comments about him lacking “kisogo” (a pejorative term), KRG retorted by asserting that “kisogo ni boot ya kubeba ujinga,” suggesting that Kibe’s criticism is baseless and foolish.

Oga Obinna commended KRG for being a responsible father, emphasizing his disapproval of deadbeat dads. KRG shared details about his upcoming projects, revealing collaborations with Rayvanny and plans for an EP together.

In addition to his adeptness at delivering sharp comebacks, KRG offered advice to aspiring individuals, emphasizing the importance of focusing on priorities and executing tasks with utmost dedication. He challenged the notion of working tirelessly, asserting that effective planning is the key to success. According to KRG, multitasking is a viable approach, citing examples such as teaching, managing a shop, and engaging in farming simultaneously.

Addressing the controversy surrounding his disparaging remarks about Stivo Simple Boy’s appearance, KRG clarified that his comments were triggered by Stivo initiating a dispute by claiming ignorance about KRG. Dismissing Stivo’s popularity, KRG expressed confusion over what Kenyans appreciate about him, suggesting that they perceive him as a mere entertainer rather than a serious artist. KRG concluded by stating that he intervenes to stop individuals seeking attention by mentioning his name before such incidents escalate further.