‘Rot in Hell’: Miguna’s ‘Eulogy’ for ‘Super Thief’ Chris Kirubi cause uproar online
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‘Rot in Hell’: Miguna’s ‘Eulogy’ for ‘Super Thief’ Chris Kirubi cause uproar online

Regardless of the circumstances, you will always expect miguna to dish out a few harsh truths. At the receiving end yesterday was the late businessman chris kirubi. The 80 yr billionaire passed away on monday afternoon, attracting lots of messages of condolences from distinguished kenyans and other kenyans alike.

It was praise after praises as expected from the likes of president uhuru kenyatta, deputy president william ruto, odm chief raila odinga, musalia mudavadi, kalonzo musyoka etc.

On twitter, kirubi was trending at number one in kenya, with thousands of tweets. Maximum of them were praising him for his accomplishments. However others saw the day as the perfect day to convey up some inconvenient truths about his source of wealth.

It has been an open mystery for many years that dj ck, as he later got to be known, may have obtained his massive net worth, expected at over ksh30 billion, through shady means as it happens in our country.

His times at uchumi stores and kenya national transport company (kenatco) are specially regarded with suspicion, with accusations that he looted the two corporations in the process bringing them to them down to date they have never recovered.

This is what and other corruption accusations that led miguna to issue perhaps the painful truth in his eulogy.

“My sincere condolences to the family, relatives and friends of Kenya’s SUPER THIEF Chris KIRUBI. You destroyed Kenya in pursuit of GREED, selfishness, TRIBALISM and HATE. #MayYouRotInHell,” he wrote.