What you need to know about injectable ARVs -
What you need to know about injectable ARVs

What you need to know about injectable ARVs

Do you know or heard of the new long-acting injectable HIV medication?

Long-acting injectable HIV prescription is basically ordinary Antiretroviral treatment that might be used once per month or for longer periods other than the standard every day dosage.

In January 2021, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved cabotegravir/rilpivirine (Cabenuva), the first of its kind long-acting injectable medication used for treating HIV infection. These injectable ARVs have effectively been authorized for use by the USA and European governments and human trials ended with exceptionally good results a couple of months ago.

A few long-acting modalities are right now being scrutinized for both HIV treatment and prophylaxis, including oral, injectable, and implant.

Long-acting details are being created to conquer hindrances principally, adherence presented daily oral treatment. Individuals Living With HIV(PLHIV) will actually to walk into clinics and get their shot which will last them at least one month or more.

What are the discoveries from the human trials?

What you can be sure of is that during the human trials, the one-month injectable medication had the option to suppress HIV multiplication like your typical ARVs and can last a month or even two months

How safe is it?

In the two human trials directed, there were no serious safety concerns. The most widely recognized responses were pain at the area of injection and minor disturbances. These are normal results of numerous injectable medications.

Is it good for me?

This injection is safe for new PLHIV who are joining up with treatment for the first time, and the people who need to switch so from daily pills. PLHIV will fundamentally have numerous alternatives available to them not like before

Is it accessible in Kenya?

The long-acting injectable HIV drug is as now not available in Kenya yet.

What’s the significance in case it is presented at my facility?

when introduced, individuals living with HIV will be given the opportunity to pick between injection or keep using their pills on the off chance that they don’t have issues with adherence.

What are your thoughts on the long-acting injectable HIV drug? Do you think they are better than daily HIV pills?